Do you know how we harvest olives? Traditionally, picking olives is done by hand. Today, more growers use modern machinery to help them harvest the crop. Not us. Since most of the olive trees on this island grow on slopes, hands are only machinery you can use. And SAKET, a helpful bag used to put picked olives inside. That is why SAKET symbolises harsh environment and effort of the island men (&women) to get , as they call it, green gold aka olive oil. Great souvenir, cute accessory and helpful bag if you ever wish to pick some olives. Pih, who doesn’t!

SAKT is owner of a “Croatian Island Product” label 

The Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds continues the implementation of the project related to visual marking of island products with the “Croatian Island Product” label initiated in the beginning of 2007 to encourage island producers to produce original and quality products.
Saket won the label in 2017.


If you are not an olive picker, you can always use SAKET as a bag or a small backpack ideal for beach, concerts and summertime in general.
You can buy your Saket at Kaštil Gospodnetić.

Here is collection 2019.

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