Sheep bleat all over Brač and there are more of them living on this island than humans. The diet of the inhabitants is formed thanks to them: from its milk cheeses, škuta, sorutvka and smutica are made.

But for survival on the top it is necessary to bear a greater sacrifice because more than milk and škuta, islanders today prefer – spit roasted lamb.

Population of Brač is 14.434 people, and there is about 16 000 sheep

It is kind of philosophy here on the island. Times are changing, wars are raging, technology rises, but for thousands of years this remarkable partnership still is strong- man and his sheep.

Sheep is not just an animal, it is a symbol of simple living, respecting nature and true values ​​of life. It is proof that islander and the island sahre the same soul.

Sheeps on Brač are from sort called pramenka

From the first inhabitats Illyrians, to a modern shepherds, a sheep on Brač is a lifestyle!



Magnet of this shoft sheep can be bought in my Butižica, at agrotourism Kaštil Gospodnetić

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