In the late hours of the night, when silence reigns, creepyhoot occurs in many caves around Dol. „Those are Vivers!“, people from Dol will say deadly serious. But nobody really knows how these mystical beings look like. Witnesses describe them as large dark shadows overflowing valley of village Dol at night. Some claim that they are the wild beings who lived in caves around Dol before the arrival of the first humans, and escaped to the mountains but still visit Dol in the night.


Unlike most of the creatires that live on this island – macići, dwarfs, fairies, giants, Vivers  can’t be find in slavic mithology. They are known only on island Brač where they are connected with village Dol.

It is belived they are evil because they scare people, but, just as fairies, Vivers are not really good nor bad, they are amoral.

The reason they scare people? They are just crazy and silly, selfish and insane. They are from divine descent so don’t blame them.

Once upon a time they where companions of God Perun and together they lived on the top of the tree of life.

Liftimes after, Dol became their home on the timber of tree of life  in the time before humans. But when the first humans came and village Dol was established, thay were forced to hide from those mortal creatures.


For the centuries they lived together, and Dol became famous because of them. People from nearby port Postira used to mock people from Dol refering to them as wild beasts calling them Vivers. But villagers of Dol are proud of that.

Today Dol football club is called Viver.


Magnet of this crazy birdlike creature can be bought in my Butižica, at agrotourism Kaštil Gospodnetić.

Put it on your fridge to protect you and remind you that you too are one crazy and cute beast!

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