This year we will focus on wine – simple, homemade, totally unpretentious wine. My family is making this sweet nectar for 10 generations and to us, wine tells the story of love, family and life. In a short walk, I will show you my favourite places of Dol, a small island village where we live.  While visiting my house, a 400-year-old castle, we will taste the wine and everything connected with it – rakija, kvasina and prošek and have a small workshop where we will learn how to do “unforgivable” – mix wine with water.

Wine is a life, not a trend

This is quite an unusual wine tour on which you will learn nothing to brag your friends at home about. Instead of trying fancy wines, I will make you taste smutica – wine with milk, and force you dip bread in red wine, because, this is how we eat it. You will do unthinkable – water down your wine (this is called bevanda).  

In Dol we live wine, we drink it because we like to drink it, it is a way of life and there is nothing snobbish about. We love wine so much that we don’t even care if it’s good.

But, it is fine.

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Where & what?

  • Dol (greatest village, like, ever)
  • 1,5 -2 hour total long
  • Snacks and Drinks provided
  • Offered in English

We will meet at parking lot of Kaštil Gospodnetić. Dol is a small island village, but because of its beauty and traditional style, it tells stories full of history. With only about a hundred residents, it lives authentically and gives a glimpse into true island life. On our tour of the village, we will tell you stories of everyday life on the island and our history. We will visit our home (Kaštil), a 400-year-old fort where we live and work with our family. There, we will try wine and cheese and other fancy stuff.

Meeting point on map

  • Trajanje / Duration: 1,5 – 2 h
  • Cijena po osobi / Price per person: 150 kn
  • Lagano/easy
  • Uključuje /Includes:
    • Razgled sela Dol i obiteljske kuće uz pratnju domaćina
    • Sightseeing of the village of Dol and the Gospodnetić family home accompanied by the host
    • Kušanje tradicionalno pravljenog, domaćeg vina i aperitiva
    • Tasting of traditionally made, homemade wine and aperitifs
    • Tradicionalni zalogaji uz kušanje vina
    • Traditional snacks with wine tasting
  • Marenda/Food: Sir i škanjate (kruh), suho voće, tapanade, kolač hrapoćuša.

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