Sheep bleat all over Brač and there are more of them living on this island than humans. The diet of the inhabitants is formed thanks to them: from its milk cheeses, škuta, sorutvka and smutica are made. But for survival on the top it is necessary to bear a greater sacrifice because more than milk... Continue Reading →


  THEY ARE EVIL, THEY ARE CRAZY, THEY ARE VIVERS  In the late hours of the night, when silence reigns, creepyhoot occurs in many caves around Dol. „Those are Vivers!“, people from Dol will say deadly serious. But nobody really knows how these mystical beings look like. Witnesses describe them as large dark shadows overflowing... Continue Reading →


Do you know how we harvest olives? Traditionally, picking olives is done by hand. Today, more growers use modern machinery to help them harvest the crop. Not us. Since most of the olive trees on this island grow on slopes, hands are only machinery you can use. And SAKET, a helpful bag used to put... Continue Reading →

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