Butižica” is the name of my small business that is part of agrotourism Kaštil Gospodnetić, our family farm. I make hand made souvenirs and do personal tours for our guests.


Our farm is settled in village Dol and it is in our family for 400 years. From 2013. it is open for guest as a traditional restaurant (konoba).

Kaštil Gospodnetić

In 2017. I left my brother Ermano and his wife Marina, who runs the restaurant, to struggle without my amazing skills as a waitress so I can focus on my new business.

And I named it – Butižica.

Butžica (read butzhica), dalmatian dialect, diminutive from word butiga (shop) meaning small shop

When my nona (grandma) lived with us for a while in the city, she wasn’t very happy. Our neighbourhood, she said, is boring and lifeless. What it needs its small shop (Butižica). Because small shops keep communities active and bring people together.

I always liked that, as well as a sweet sound of pronouncing the word Butižica. So the name came naturally. 522134_411161298902971_1138889330_n

I love my island, and Butižica represents that feeling of Brač in the sense of stories and feelings.

Brač is sheep, Brač is olive, Brač is stone, Brač is a story, Brač is mythical, Brač is sweet, Brač is people… Brač is home.


Don’t be a tourist, be a traveller!



My name is Ivana Gospodnetić Gospe. Worked as a journalist, today I am office girl, workin’ in an unprofitable organisation for rural development.

My brother Ermano and I grew up loving and caring about our farm, and we can’t imagine our life anywhere else. We would like to, but our parents don’t let us go.


Form the moment we were born they prepared us for running a restaurant, I can see clearly that now.


That is it, enough about me!

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